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We automate the trading process by matching your portfolio with an algorithm bot that best fits your goals and risk level. Our mission is to break the exclusivity in finance and grow people’s wealth.
Algorithm Bots:
  • Are 80% of overall trades globally.
  • Used by 18/20 top financial firms.
  • Has better odds through better strategy design, testing, and execution.
  • It keeps you from monitoring the markets all the time.
  • Trades are executed without continuous supervision.


Automatic Trading

Our pro trading bots automatically grow your investment account fast.

Algorithm Marketplace

We have bot strategies for most forms of trading. Stocks, options, crypto, and more.

Risk Management

Pro algorithms are designed to keep you from losing it all.

Monitor Portfolio

Monitor your investment portfolio in real-time and watch your money grow.

Zero Commissions

Our supported brokers are commission-free.

Portfolio Alerts

We keep you up to date with your investment movements. You won't miss a beat.

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While we wait to release our product to the app stores, we are currently giving early access to our BETA to a few lucky users.

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Algorithm Pairing

We'll learn what type of trader you are and connect you with the algorithm that best fits you.

Monitor Account

Monitor the success of the algorithm with portfolio access directly from your broker.