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Algorithm Marketplace

AlgoPear has opened a marketplace for Algo Creators to sell their strategies to a large pool of retail investors looking to automate their trading completely.

Why wait to sell your algorithm to a big firm when you can sell it to the world right now with more control? Sign up to get started.

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Marketplace Perks

Earn From Subscribers

Make recurring revenue with our large pool of retail traders who are ready to subscribe to your algorithm bot(s) today!

Algo Matching

Kind of like dating, we pair your algo bot with the right group of retail traders.

Free Backtesting

Backtest your algorithms w/ live data while learning.

Low Transaction Fees

It's your algorithm and you should get the bigger cut on revenue sharing fees.

Discounted Courses

Our quants get discounted quantitative courses through our partnered education platform.

Risk Protection

Our robust system protects your intellectual property (Algorithm).

Algorithm Requirements

If you are a retail or professional quant, which creates short-term trading algorithms (often referred to as swing or trend trading), you qualify for our marketplace. We are only accepting Crypto as long-term investment strategies at this time.

We have a higher priority for algorithm strategies driven by machine learning. If you create price-driven strategies, we accept them too.

We accept all asset classes of algorithms. As of now, we have a higher priority for stock (equities) and options that work with our supported brokers.

Most of our retail traders aren’t rich. Your algo needs to be able to perform well with low capital requirements of at least $500 or more.

Your algorithm must show proof that it’s profitable (Positive Quarter or Annual Returns). Backtesting is not sufficient proof of profitability.

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